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Oct 21, 2009
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Topic: Letter of The Law / Lethal injectionÂ… cruel and unusual?

WHS…..you have hit the nail on the head and I think you should send this to every editorial department of every major newspaper b/c the general public has no idea what it is like behind the fences. I, too, have worked “inside” and it doesn’t take long to realize how decent inmates’ lives can be. I worked in GP and an admissions unit. Admissions status inmates can be some of the most difficult due to still withdrawing from drugs, hearing how they speak to their family via the telephones. Some inmates return when the weather gets cold, do six months, the hit the streets in the spring. Sad but true.
I believe the death penalty needs to be swift esp if DNA has proven guilt. I recently spoke w/someone who was of the mindset that those on DP need to sit there for life and think about what they did. She was dumbfounded when I said that they do not sit & think about what they did; that they are not civilized as we are therefore do not think like we do. As I spoke more of my experiences, how inmates are highly manipulative, entitlists who believe it’s their right to have tvs, a store, (which of course they have) etc., she became much more interested. She had no idea. Also explained that they’ve had 20+ yrs to read and learn and if smart would have learned that to help dehydrate the veins, just stop drinking. This in addition to genetically poor veins (I have family members w/this), & prior drug abuse could make injection nearly, if not, impossible.

I’m with you WHS. Help send them swiftly to the pearly gates for their judgment.

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