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Greetings from a fellow Canadian Officer


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Male user Dave simpson 6 posts

Hey hows it going you hosers!!!!!

Small 986654 maniac 12 posts

Welcome. Feel free to ask. Send some questions my way if you want. What shakey said is the truth. I have gone to a few different facilities to interview for promotion, and when the interview was finished I asked for a tour. And just about everytime I got a tour. Asking can’t hurt.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Before my wife got hired into Corrections, I asked if I could give her a tour of our Institution. I explained that was because the one she was going to had the same lay out as ours and they gave me the OK for half of the day to walk her around, Just have to ask..

Thanks for the welcome. Its good to chat with others we used to have a forum on our Unions web site but they took it down, now we don’t know whats going on across the state any more. The Union put the blinders on us.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Ditto on what Shakey said. Many prisons will give a fellow officer a nickel tour of their facility.

Welcome to the forum!

Flag shakey 191 posts

Try calling the Correctional Institution you would like to vist. You never know what you can get by just asking.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Personally I and most of my colleagues are fully in favor of both Capital and Corporal punishment but unfortunatly the prevailing sentiment both here and in Europe is on the more liberal side of the fence and as such is not availible to us anymore.

Online avatar HijoDeDiosMRM 12 posts

Hello Mick, Can you tell me about the Irish viewpoint on capital punishment?Thanks.

Online avatar HijoDeDiosMRM 12 posts

Hello Michel, Greetings to all of my fellow officers in Canada.Please feel free to write to me anytime.I would like to learn more about the Canadian judicial system.I work as a county sheriff’s deputy in Texas and my brother works at the maximum security prison in a different state.If I can answer any questions for you about the American judicial system,please ask.I would like to know about the Canadian viewpoint on capital punishment.Thank-you.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Greetings and Welcome. Irish Prison Service here.

Male user deslauriermc 1 post

Hi there,

My name is Michel Deslauriers and I’m a Canadian federal correctionnal officer. As the rest of my peers, I’m not very familiar with the amercian correctional system, and some of you might also havequestions regarding our system also. I would be interested in getting to you some fellow american officers. I have never had the opportuniy of seing an american correctionnal facility, although just last week I pas in front of one in clinton County while on vacation in the New York State. I would have pretty much liked to see what it looks like. I’m available to answer questions and maybe making new friends across the border with some american collegues.

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