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Losing control


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Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

As I respond back to this topic a year later, things are only getting worse. We’re seeing more of our brothers and sisters in the profession being assaulted leading to serious injury and death. In the last month there have been two officers killed and countless others injured.

Yet, the administrations around the country will not veer away from their hug-a-thug treatment agendas that do not work. I work for the Iowa DOC. Last summer they changed the mission statement to this : “Protect the public, staff and offenders from vicitmization”. I emailed the upper administration here wanting to know who was “victimizing” the offenders. I have yet to hear back from them. This is the idiot mentality that is running our correctional facilities around the country.

Here, like everywhere else, we are shorthanded on the security side. We are constantly told there are no funds available for additional security staff or training, yet there always seems to be an endless supply of funds for treatment staff (who are paid more to do less).

How many more lives need to be lost until these administrators realize that they can’t fix these people? I for one won’t hold my breath waiting.

Male user FDPierce 5 posts

Untouchable_1 I have been in your shoes a few times too. Inside you just want to get midevil on them but you have to be professional. You have to be the better person and take the taunts. Then there are the inmates that just don’t want to get the program and physically lash out at other inmates, staff and the COs. That is when the team comes in, spray them down, squish them like a bug, hook them up and take them to the hole. Sure, we all have stood around yucking it up afterwards. Patting ourselves and each other on the back for a job well done kicking the crap out of some convict’s a##. I am just as guilty as the rest. Unfortunately it is part of the job. Noneya should look at the job description. I know the one I read stated. “Occasional physical confortation.” In all her ranting and raving and telling us we are really the bad people. She forgot the other side of a correctional Officer. You all know, the one where you give an inmate a, “Death in the family notice” and you let the inmate literally cry on your shoulder. I know I have had the unfortunate job. Nonya, please tell me how would you go about telling a convicted child molester. Your Father is dead and your family cremated him two days ago so you could not apply for a furlough to go to the funeral. Nonya, what do you say to an inmate who has never recieved a write up, who has never been disrespectful to the Staff and COs, an inmate keeping his nose clean and just doing the time the state has sentenced him to. And, there are alot of inmates like that. What do you say to him after his cellmate takes a bar of soap in a sock and beats him half to death because he farted in the cell. More importantly, what do you say to the inmate with the bar of soap in the sock? You are quick to judge but you do not have all the facts. Being a Correctional Officer is a noble profession. A profession that obviously you are not apart of, well maybe you are. From the cell side of the bars.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

We have our fair share of liberal, whinging, crying, hand ringing, m**f**g, interfering,do-gooders. (excuse my french)

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Wow Mick and I thought that was only the way things were going over here in the states, nice to see everyone getting to share the pain (in the butt) of the inmate advocates.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

It sounds like Noneya is either an Ex-Convict herself or has a Husband/Boyfriend or family member that is a Convict. Usually the ones that are most vehement about Correctional Officers have had some form of contact with us from the criminal side.

Male user ohiogreenshirt 5 posts

NONEYA is full of liberal college bullshit psychobabble…...What an inmate lover. Until (God forbid) she gets raped or someone in her family is murdered by a callous thug, only then will she change her mind and stop making excuses for these violent offenders that create such havoc on today’s society. Or is it that your hostilities are from having a relative in prison that makes you bitter? I would take a vote on here and bet my yearly salary to see if after people read your crap above, if you were realy cut out to be anyone in criminal justice. Stick to daycare or kindergarten teaching! that’s where you can start early and change lives! And it’s safer for you, too!

Male user smoochieman 8 posts

I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get along with, but NONEYA, you need to wipe your mouth because you’re talking out of your ass. Also, take IllPhillyPhan’s advice and use spellcheck.

Male user fishman 1 post

I’ve been working corrections since 1974 I’ve seen so many changes in how CONVICTS are dealt with I can’t even remember them all. And your right Inmates don’t respect us they never did! At varouis points of time they feared us, but they didn’t respect us. I am sure you’ve heard it before “give respect to get respect”. You give respect as a tactical operation (true enough I would just as soon the guy took a bullet to the head, but I,m not letting him/her know that). You always get more done by being nice and you look alot more professional on camera. Stay in control don’t take stuff personnel, it’s just business, you’re going home their staying.Ignore the the bulls-t, when they see you’re above it they will stop with you and fiind somebody else that they can get a rise from. The principle of the thing is that if you stay above it don’t take it personnel, GO HOME SAFE, everyday WE WIN!!!

Female user SERTCCDC 6 posts

Yes I think NONEYA needs the ACLU site./ the one that have created most of our problems in corrections…. inmates are right.. COs must be wrong.

1265 I hear you. I work in a bigger jail and wear the ‘green’ just keep goin.

Male user 1265 13 posts

Roxy you are right, we should consider the source. Defcolt I think you hit the nail on with some of the things you said as did the others. I think it is safe to say this is happening throughout the nation and policy changes have been made or policies added as a result of the changing times. To the former Sing Sing officer, sir we are made of the same stuff you and your fellow officers were made of. And yes we would very much enjoy taking a difficult subject out of cameras view and tenderize them. We still do! but not for verbal provacation. For verbal and general stupidity most places will impose sanctions, lockdown or go in and get them out much like Untouchable _1 did. Unfortunately, today we have to let them make the first move. After that, I assure you sir, “IT’S ON!”, and they don’t forget it. If they do, they may need to be reminded again…and some are. I must also say that 99% of the time I get through my day using good old fashioned respect and courtesy, (not ass kissing!) and as defcolt said: “consistency”. Stay Safe folks!

Female user Seaspirlt 7 posts

Well seems it is a nationwide trend…which I strangely find comforting….I thought it was just that way here in NY as it is so liberal. World is going to h*ll in a handbasket.

Female user gimmeabrk 1 post

All I have to say is this. . . .

The only whiner here is NONEYA. . . .

You are clueless as to what is really going on. Save the bullshit!!!

Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

Hey Noneya, this is Corrections.com, not the ACLU website. Go rant over there, I’m sure they would accept you with open arms!

Oh, one more word of advice to you – spellcheck!

Avatar2 4 Crosstimbers... 3 posts

In the feds we spoil the thugs to the point where they have more to lose than they want to by saying such a stupid thing. Unless they are simply needing to check-in because they can’t handle their problems with the other thugs, which demonstrates beautifully what kind of pitiful characters they really are beneath all of the blustering facade. They are the losers of the world, the ones who can’t cope with reality. All of their winning is done by victimizing even weaker thugs and by lashing out in desperation at those who’s job it is to run those who can’t make decisions for themselves. Consider the source. Nothing one of these losers says is worth taking to heart. Personally, I could care less what one says because he will do what I want him to do regardless of what he says. I’m the Warehouseman, he’s just one little item of inventory.

As for politics and the fine Art of Thughuggery, don’t kid yourself. The Right is just as guilty of kissing inmate’s posterior ends as the Left. Only the Right spends more money doing it. I work in the oldest US Penitentiary. Our institution was selected for one of President Bush’s faith-based initiative programs. The budget for this program, who’s purpose is to save the souls of about 80 thugs, is greater than the budget for the facility maintenence department who’s job is to keep the Goddamned buildings from falling down around our ears. And the buildings are falling down around our ears. But it’s okay because souls are being saved.

Female user noneya 3 posts

We sometime’s find ourselves being Humble, and excepting thing’s as they are because that’s just the way it is really. Then you find yourself unable to pass by something not because it’s obviousely in the way, but because finding a way around it this time, did’nt mean that it would’nt exsist later and at some point have to be delt with rather than be avoided. Ahhhhhh the pleasure’s of a Complicated life… Personally I believe that everyone is intitled to their opinion’s, and of course opinion’s vary, so as grown up’s we know not to take thing’s personal. I suppose that at some point in life, okay not I suppose, but I know that there was a time while growing up had someone screamed out ” Suck My D—-”, or called My Momma some pet name etc… I would naturally respond with the same Assertiveness, making it deep, and wanting to prove who’s Boss… However In this life, I’ve learned over time, that mutual respect is something we all earn, it can’t simply be taken for Granted, and God help you unfortunante few who simply believe that having more and never having to do without, actually make’s you the best candidate, for “Head Asshole In Charge.” So long after applying for and excepting the position, Some obviousely disturbed individual having a bad life suddenly decides to test you, and yell’s ” suck my d—k!” At what point exactly do you take it personal, call for backup, with obvious intentions to prove who really is the Asshole in charge? Remember,behind closed cell door. Lead to What? Okay, just a little trick question, and think of it as a brain exercise if nothing else, and that’s being sarcastic really. What was the lesson? If any. Why cuff’s? And a Taser for that matter. I mean you got back up (hahaha) Excuse me for not being the Bright one, but I fail to see the point. The real question here, is Does anyone see a problem in this situation at all? And you can’t be serious and claim this as a possible solution to Prison Control Issues worldwide. I do however suggest that Your Staff be better trained for their Job Position’s, Get equal counseling with a Shrink as expected of Inmate’s. Or Do what the rest of Society has been doing for year’s and learned to perfect ( Lie, Bullshit Etc…) Collect Welfare, and add defination to the Other lame ass phrase also just read “Bitch Slap” And after this, if you people still don’t see the real problem’s here in these present Topic responses of ” Societie’s Choice” of Authority Figuer’s, Then Bitch Slap is much needed, and I would take the just and get down to Business in deed. Just because it was on my mind, If not for the Uniform, authority that come’s with it, the Taser and back up etc etc etc… would Untouchable_1 be a suitable name for someone so needy? Just Asking.

Female user noneya 3 posts

Another perfect example of where do you draw the line between who get’s the worst end of the deal. Let’s weigh out the pro’s and Con’s of either side, Inmates or Guard’s. I agree that at time’s depending on the Situation at hand, Inmate’s often get away with much and it’s often insane, perhap’s because what’s worse than being in Jail, and oh My here I am. On the other hand, female inmate’s are raped, and fear for their live’s. Often Guard’s are responsible for the attack’s of inmate’s by other inmate’s, inmate’s mistreated because they are who they are, and some judgemental piss- ant came to work feeling inferior, and Unhappy with himself fail’s to get an inmate proper medical attention causing death etc… Point made. Who really learned to play the system, Stop Whinning, take a look at the picture, Just be grateful to be going home everyday, Maybe a change in Occupation’s are in the future. Think about this. If a man get’s away with Murder by pleading Insanity, Do you convict him twice because of the poor judgement of other’s or hook him up with 3 to 6 month’s of Welfare Assistance. What is the real reason for complaining? Or is this the only way you can draw attention to yourself in a less obvious manner?!

Female user noneya 3 posts

Wow, After reading so many many responses to various topic’s, Nothing personal people but Wahwahwah. Here’s a reality check for all you opinionated and self centered wanna be’s… All you are people are just a bunch of inmates in Uniform’s. You Love the pay but hate your job’s. At what point do you then determin what make’s us any different than any of the inmates any where in any Prison. Check it out… Of course you pervs agree to strip searches, that’s what make’s Guards think that Sexually assulting any inmate is exceptable because what the heck, their nobodies, or as I recently read, and I “Quote, unquote” Societies rubbish. Obviousely your little live’s were boring and perhap’s even a bit sheltered, not to mention slightly limited and in the real world, people who have job’s like you and hatting to the degree that you do and you do it just for the money, put’s you in a cross between being Bi-polar, and maybe straight up unhappy in your small live’s. If you people go to work everyday, and find it normal to belittle other human being’s for mistake’s they had made, or because life delt them a crappy hand, or because Society keep’s itself Happy at the expense of other’s which by the way keep’s you working, Then I feel good about my job, and about all the different inmates that I’ve had the pleasures of knowing over time. I don’t hear you talking about the Guard’s or Police Officer’s who over time Sexually Assulted, or abused, or taxed someone because they were better at Crime, had the back up if you will. Wahwahwah I got your back…..are you serious? Be Honest. If you had any real common sense, you would stop excusing personal sickness, except that your job give’s you control because your home life is weak and lack’s control, and all that seperate’s you from them, is the Uniform and that with all that back up, your better Liar’s and just hav’nt gotten caught yet. The only difference between you and God, is that he did’nt think he was you! So get a grip, if Society was so much better… Why don’t they change thing’s, that in the long run could actually give these repeated offender’s a life to look forward to, rather then send them back out to what they know best to be survival as they know it, only to punish them for being successful oh yes and I personally dispise the Phrase “Once A Loser, Alway’s A Loser!” Tell it to the Judge who once a gangmember and felon, got his job walking his TAlk, Not by picking a number! Who did you know on the inside? Felon’s with Badges wahwahwah…

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

It is so easy for non correction to put their 2cents in and think yes this is a happy world I’m so happy your so happy and why cant we all be friends and yes a degree is nice to have,(and yes I do have one.) but nothing will prepare you for correction until you get in. after that then you will change your views on how things should be. So come on—cross over to our side it’s really it’s not that bad.

Male user Jesusofficer 6 posts

Jesus H Christ!!! What the hell is hqppening to this country. same thing here in NYC! What with all the camaras and Hug-a Thug groupies around the inmates are just shopping for a lawsuit these days! This shit didnt go on when i worked for NYS (Sing Sing). Find a place with NO CAMARAS. Bitch slap the punk and leave no marks. Bet you wont have problems anymore. The entire country is going down the toilet with the bleeding heart liberrals who think these animals could be ‘rehabilitated’. I would love to hear them change their tune after they’ve been hurt or raped or something else by these same ‘poor disadavantaged youth’ they seem so guilt wrackked into helping ‘reintergrate’ into society. The bottom line is…the asshole inmate wouldnt go to a cop on the street and say “fuck you’ so why would u let him do that to you on the in side. The bottom line….WHAT R U MADE OF?

Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

I think it is a problem nationwide. It seems the administrations are so afraid of being sued that inmates get away from being held accountable. Look at the rise in staff assaults nationwide. The administrations keep trying to baby these inmates, and the only thing that happens is that the inmates learn how to play the system. Too many bleeding hearts in power believe the inmates are the victims.

Things have changed so much over the last 15 years in corrections. When I first started, if an inmate failed to comply with orders, we assembled a team and went in on them. Now, you have to give directives, then if that fails, the hostage negotiator or psychologist has to come talk to them , blah, blah blah. The inmates know they can drag a situation out for hours, and then comply at the last minute. It has become a new recreational activity for the inmates – Watch the C/O’s jump through hoops!

Male user defcolt 1 post

I am a deputy for a county jail with an inmate pop. of 400+or- in N. Idaho. The trend you speak of is not just concentrated in one area. I have noticed the same thing in our facility. HOwever, I have noticed (in our facility) some deputies have more trouble than others in this area. I think it may be because some deputies are not consistent in the reasons they grant or refuse inmate’s requests. I haven’t had as much trouble in this area as some other deputies in my facility. I think the reason for the trend, overall though, is because in the last 10-20 yrs schools have injected into kids’ heads the fact they are “special” and they don’t have to listen to adults if they think the adults are being “unresonable.” Basically, no one can touch them. Teachers can’t touch them anymore, if they think a parent or gaurdian is “abusing” them, they should tell somebody. In the effort to “take over” all training from parents, and make the schools responsible for every aspect of the child’s life from K-12, schools are basically teaching kids they don’t need to be accountabe anymore. I think we are now reaping the products from those seeds being sown. It could just be the “inmate mentality” that comes with being locked up, too. Inmates seem to get the idea that iff you don’t see things their way, it’s a sign of disrespect. I think the gang mentality helps with that, too. They are bent on gaining, demanding, and keeping “respect”, and they aren’t aware that it’s a 2 way street.

Female user Roxy 1 post

I am a student currently studying in the criminal justice program. My major is corrections so this is a very interesting topic for me. I am not sure where you are located, but I have to wonder if this is a problem in correctional facilities everywhere, or just in your facility. I know for myself, It seems the biggest problem with this issue would be learning just how much to take to heart and how much to take into concideration when you concider the source?

Male user untouchable_1 4 posts

I am a SERT Sgt. for a large county Detention Center. I have noticed a direct correlation between a hands off liberal philosophy and the total lack of respect the inmates are now showing staff. I just walked away from an inmate who from behind a closed cell door yelled, “suc* my d*” because I said, “no”. I went back to the cell and had the inmate stand up. I had back up officers present and wanted him to step out so we could cuff him up and place him into an iso cell. This inmate refused to come out and it took a show of my Taser and stern verbal commands to get him on the ground to be restrained. The inmate stated after we moved him, “I wasn’t talking to you sarge”. Not to long ago, inmates respected the “Green Uniform” (SERT), now, if we happen to say no its total disrespect. I blame this on our litigious society, empowering inmates instead of holding them accountable through the only means they understand.

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