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Swap Patches?


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Male user MichiganRUO 12 posts

I work for the Michigan Department of Corrections. I will trade patches with anyone who is interested. If interested, please email me at carynandjeremy@yahoo.com

Stay Safe!

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

I agree those circumstances can definitely lead to an escape, but having a staff uniform doesn’t hurt your chances in making it easier.

Male user CDCRJim 5 posts

I don’t believe swapping patches can lead to an escape risk. Lazy staff, stupid staff, old and outdated facilities, under staffing, overcrowding, and one lucky inmate lead to escapes.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

CDCRJim inmates escape in their own clothes all the time all across the country. If they pull it off it looking like an inmate, you honestly think it would be hard for them to do it in an officer’s uniform?

Male user CaptainO77 2 posts

I work for the Ohio Department of Corrections and have for the last 21 years. I am looking for patches from all 50 states, if you are interested is swapping patches or can spare one, I would appreciate it. Please email me at rcso7s5@aol.com

Male user CDCRJim 5 posts

You can find many patches for sale on the internet, including big name auction sites. Hopefully, your agencies have many safeguards to protect against escape or unlawful entries. A set of patches and an illegally pieced together uniform should not allow a person into a decently run institutions parking lot, let alone an escape. I don’t even think a private for-profit prison could allow that to happen.

Lsutigersiv cajungirl844 3 posts

Ohhh that hurt but to each there own opinion. LOL

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

It’s the business we’re in. Never can be too cautious. I wouldn’t expect an LSU fan to understand. Good luck Jan 7th. should be a good game.

Lsutigersiv cajungirl844 3 posts

Wow TwelveOzCurl a little extreme. The Az. D.O.C. has the patches and badges on there web sight for public view. Mabe it’s just where I live. here check it out for your self.


Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Wow, easy way for an inmate or accomplice to put a C/O uniform together….just get an officer to send you the peices… I could see it at moundsville, or another exhibition or conference, but I would be leary of mailing things like that to someone you don’t really know.

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

hey, you too can email me I work from 3-11 I live in Mass but work in N.H. I go every yaer to the Moundvilles W.V. mock prison riots. If you get to go there are many who like to trade patches. gudlaugfondahn@yahoo.com hey ky, I have lived in lexington,ect.

Male user pvtsole 3 posts

hey e-mail me at jsback911@yahoo.com i am from ky .

Male user joecrumley-c... 1 post Dear Fellow Officers; i am a Canadian federal corrections officer.We have a display in our jail of cloth patches and metal badges from over 60 countries corrections services.If you can send me an insignia item from your country please e:mail me.I will send CSC insignia or others in return.Thanks. joecrumley@hotmail.com

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