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DO & DON'TS of a new Shift Supervisor working in a Female prison


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Female user azcorrections 7 posts

working with female inmates is so much more different then dealing with males..they are as manipulative if not more. they are more emotional, and are very touchy feely type individuals. Unlike the male inmates who have the machismo thing going on, the females are more family oriented, they some that play the part of mom, dad, and the the kids. they are are by far very slick, and usually you will have relationships several going on…most of the time you won’t catch it, but you know it’s happening. their issues are generally much differnt then men..more medical issues, family issues, drama, where as the men, have an issue they’re gonna handle it, their way, usual assaulting someone, it’s physical, not to say the women won’t be, but it’s more boo hooing, and and emotional roller coaster..your approach,and understanding and how you handle the women is different, men won’t come to you and say..“hey co i need to talk” . Advise for the men… yes be careful, annouce man on the run, in the pod, whatever your set up is.
someof the women will plan on being undressed, as if they didn’t know its formal count time. They are flirtatious, and will manipulate the best officers.Stay professional,and verbally let them know what the expectations are, and if they are out of compliance, and it seems to happen everytime your on the run…CYA..do your documentation, if your an officer, quickly share that information with your shift commander.I have known many men who go under investigation, because they fail to report inappropriate behavior, or laugh, and fool around with these women and before you know it, they are caught up, and don’t know how they got there..and if your feeling like things are shakey at home, and you start sharing your feelings at work, with inmates , female inmates, remember it’s your career, and your family, you’ll be dragging through the mud, and if thats not enough, remember your embarassing, yourself,and the department, and you can and may be prosecuted, for crossing the line with an inmate.
that old line about “they started it” isn’t gonna fly…remember they are under our custodial care, and no matter what..we are held accountable for our actions..and the inmate well she gets what she wants, and you get to find another job..good luck, and keep your professional distance…

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I certainly don’t have any wise advice for you, but I’m surprised NOBODY had any!

Male user correctionsp... 1 post

5Yr Alabama State Corrections Officer at male prison, just promoted to SGT at Female prison…any advise/suggestions and experiences strongly welcome.

Keep hearing, “Be careful”…“I won’t work there, from fellow male officers”. I have shared with my wife, that as supervisor, most of my shift time will be spent in the supervisor office..unless there is a request for officer assistance. I’m a professional officer and sexually focus…An inmate is an inmate?? Expect to make Lieutenant out of this tour in approx 3 yrs.

Female officers suggestions/experience are needed on this topic as well.


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