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I too have moved from Prisons to jail work. I have found the environments vastly different. A prison is different because everyone is sentenced, they know pretty much how much time they have to do and they are getting or in a routine. Not much happens in prisons on a daily basis in comparison to jails but when it does I have found those incidents to be far more serious than jails. Jails have few programs and more boredom for the inmates. the anxiety level among the inmates and staff is higher, there is more movement due to courts,evaluations,attny visits etc.. view full thread

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As a correction Officer you are an important member of the Bureau's team that is vital to our overall operations. Corrections Officers are responsible to guard, supervise and control inmates in a penal institution or correctional facility. Post assignments including standing guard, patrolling yards, grounds, cell house or corridors, dormitories, inside security, perimeter posts, control room, work area, or provide security to Medical escort... >> view full job posting

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