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In our facility we are allowd to utilize mechanical restraint (Hand cuffs and leg irons) but only so after we have utilized and exhausted all other methods that are listed in our policy and procedure manual with regards to a acting out or assaultive and or self abusive juvenile resident, as they are called in our facility. Crisis intervention techniques, verbal de-escalation, then video camera monitoring of their behavior, if all of these fail then we are authorized to enter a cell and physically engage the juvenile offender and secure them in mechanical restraints until they can contract/agree to have the ability to maintain a level of self control... view full thread

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The job duties of the Corrections Sergeant include but are not limited to assist with the overall supervision of the County Jail; to ensure that the living conditions of the inmates are maintained in a humane manner; to ensure that the inmates are granted their constitutional rights; to coordinate and oversee the training of all the correction officers and evaluate their work; ; to enforce all federal, state, and local law resolutions; and to provide responsive, courteous and efficient service to County residents and the general public... >> view full job posting

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