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We have female inmates in our prison who are recruiters for human traffickers who are gang members on the streets. When a female inmate gets out if she has no place to go inmates refer those inmates to “this guy I know who can give you a place to stay” and they end up in force prostitution rings... view full thread

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The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is seeking talented men and women to join our team as Jail Deputies, both certified and non-certified. Sheriff Justin Smith encourages forward thinking, servant leadership, and a sense of family among all sheriff's office members. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Sheriff's Office is an agency of 365 family oriented employees, dealing with a range of responsibilities including support services, patrol, jail, wildland fire, search and rescue, and investigation duties. If you are seeking a career, have a desire to serve your community, and want to work alongside others with the same mindset, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office is a great place to call home... >> view full job posting

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