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We begin our international focus on a place where those who have had enough of the chilly weather, like us in Massachusetts, dream of visiting. The Bahamas is known for its warm, exotic beaches and paradise-like living style, but its corrections system seems to not have changed much since it was a British state. Her Majesty’s Prison is trying to change that by reaching out to corrections professionals around the world and offering them an inside view of the help they need to update their system. We review the Bahamas facility and discuss the importance of change with HMP Corporal Alfreda Skinner-Rolle.
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Paradise lost

By Ann Coppola

Reinventing the tropics

It’s one of those rare places where a morning, 70-degree forecast has lifelong residents reaching for their jackets. The beautiful islands of the Bahamas, located just south of Florida and north of Cuba, are a popular destination for spring breakers, tourists from around the world, and even super spy James Bond (seven of his thrillers were filmed there.) It’s easy to forget that with the all the cruise ships, palm trees, and breathtaking beaches the Bahamas has a prison system like any other country.

A British colony until 1973, the Bahamas is still coming out of its punitive “lock-down” approach to incarcerating criminals. The country has one prison, called Her Majesty’s Prison for Queen Elizabeth II, who is the island’s ceremonial head of state. The single prison compound separately houses about 1,200 minimum, medium, and maximum security male and female inmates. Full Story


Regarding The right information, 4/1/08

I thought this article was excellent. It captured very important quotes that addressed the demanding issues of today's correctional health care practitioners and researchers. While I was in Texas, I worked with Jaye Anno, and she is a true expert with a thorough understanding of today's issues. Thank you for writing such an informative article. Keep up the good work.
WS, Mass.

Regarding States to close borders, create massive complex, 4/1/08

If this only were a 100% April Fools joke. The for-profit prison industry has expanded its reach through states like Texas, where dozens of these poorly regulated, dangerous pigstyes are sited. Vendors are currently working to extend their empires into numerous small cities and rural towns in Oklahoma. They staff these poorly constructed monstrosities with people making as little as $7 an hour.

Turnover, the last time the industry admitted it, was 52% a year. There is slipshod background screening done, and those with little aptitude or tolerance for stressful jobs may be the majority of their new hires. CCA, the biggest outfit with a billion and a half in revenues last year, is using federal hurricane relief funding to subsidize these "Rent-a-Pens." Riots and escapes constitute business as usual for the private sector.

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The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that there are more than 98,900 inmates in private prisons in America today. Full story

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Ferguson Safety Products G.M. visits Mississippi

Ferguson Safety Products received an invitation to join the Mississippi State Penitentiary Suicide Prevention Training seminar, held by Dr. Kentrell Liddell. More

Bob Barker Company adds complete first aid system

Bob Barker Company recently announced the addition of the All-Ready Complete First Aid System to their extensive line of detention products. More

Bob Barker Company to Give $5,000 Grand Prize to the “Biggest Winner”

The nearly 200 employees at Bob Barker Company have an exciting challenge in front of them and plenty of incentive to go with it. More


New employees graduate NHDOC academy

Fifteen new corrections officers and sixteen non-uniform workers recently graduated from the New Hampshire Department of Corrections academy program. Full story

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The North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents (NAAWS), in conjunction with the Ohio Wardens and Superintendents Association, invite you to join them at the 48th annual NAAWS Training Conference, “Corrections in Action,” April 9 - 12, 2008.

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Caribbean Corrections Summit 2008

Date: 4/21 - 24/08
Please accept this as a personal invitation to attend the 2nd Annual Caribbean Corrections Summit in Nassau, Bahamas. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Corporal Alfreda Skinner-Rolle, Chairperson at (242) 364-9885/364-9855/426-1057 or Email: bahamasfaye@hotmail.com. More

Gangs: Customs, Practices, Sociology & Identifiers

Date: 4/30/08
How violence has become a gang tool, Safety issues when dealing with gang members, Understanding gang behaviors, and more.

Reaching behind the walls - Mental Health & Workplace Wellness for Corrections Staff

Date: 5/8 - 5/9/08
Hosted by Desert Waters Correctional Outreach. Topics include, Signs & ways to intervene with staff struggling with mental health issues, Supervising stressed staff, Staff suicide, and more.


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